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Martin County Taxpayers Association
Quarterly Luncheon

October 16 • 12:00 p.m.
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at the
Pirate's Loft Restaurant
4307 SE Bayview St, Stuart • FL 34997
District 83 Rep. Gayle Harrell, Senate President Joe Negron, Ditrict 82 Rep. MaryLynn Magar

Our Martin County Legislative Delegation joins us to discuss the legislative agenda for 2018.


Reservation must be paid in advance by Oct 9, 2017

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PO Box 741
Stuart, Fl 34995

Members $25 - Non Members $35

Quarterly Luncheon - July 11- Sarah Heard Video

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Martin County Taxpayers Association
Quarterly Luncheon

July 11 • 12:00 p.m.

Sandhill Cove • 1500 S.W. Capri • Palm City • FL 34990

Martin County’s proposed one cent $ales tax

sarah heardGuest Speaker:
Comm. Sarah Heard

Members $25
Non-Members $30

Reservation must be paid in advance by July 6, 2017

Kindly RSVP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Mail to MCTA PO Box 741
Stuart, Fl 34995

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Martin County Taxpayers Association

MCTA Lake Point

The Martin County Taxpayer Association (MCTA) has been monitoring county government for 65 years. Our goal has always been to make sure your tax dollars are used most effectively and there is a reasonable return on your investment in our county government. We analyze whether the expenditures focus on the most important needs or are they wasteful. We look at whether monies spent could be used for more appropriate purposes. We have many needs in Martin County and limited revenues, so we all have to be diligent and make sure our county commissioners are making the best choices. We also have to look at decisions affecting whether and how the county can obtain additional revenues and whether we are making reasonable decisions on the revenue side. For purpose of this column, let’s look at one of those expenditures, legal costs.

Lake Point, a sand and rock mine designed to become a future storm water treatment area to be deeded to government after twenty years of operation, sued Martin County for interference with their contract. They charged that some Commissioners had used their personal computers and electronic devices to communicate about their interests and asked the Court to allow access to those devices for purposes of discovery. After years of legal maneuvers the Court appointed an Arbitrator to step in to make recommendations to the parties. The Arbitrator found that the County Commissioners had abused required public records laws and demonstrated a pattern of lack of candor regarding those records and found the County liable for payment of attorney fees incurred by Lake Point.

The Board of County Commission has agreed to pay attorney fees of over $370,000, our money, to settle this part of the lawsuit over how some Commissioners used their personal and public emails. The County issued a press release on February 25th saying, "By doing so, Martin County decided to avoid further protracted litigation over this public records claim and the threat of greater attorney fees and costs on such claims. Instead, Martin County believes that those resources would be better served improving its existing policies concerning the public's access to "public records" under Florida Law."

While we have to agree with the decision to accept the Court appointed Arbitrator's decision, we consider having to pay those fees a blatant waste of tax dollars; our tax dollars. We are concerned with the recent growth of expenditures related to law suits. MCTA has suggested a policy of "negotiate, mediate before you litigate". We feel our hard earned tax dollars should be better spent on improvement rather than law suits. We understand the need to protect the County and enforce fair rules, but did we really need to get into this position where we are forced to pay unnecessary legal fees?

Before taking positions, changing regulations or amending long standing policy, the County Commission must consider the consequences. Our citizens have rights, property rights guaranteed by our State and Federal Constitutions. Abusing those rights for political purpose will always be costly.

Let us refocus our County's efforts toward public safety, infrastructure improvements, provision of libraries, parks and health facilities and economic prosperity. The Martin County Taxpayers Association and its many members pledge our help toward supporting those efforts and achieving those goals.

Wasting our money on law suits is not an efficient, useful or effective use of tax dollars.

Thomas Kenny III
MCTA President
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Martin County Taxpayers Association

April 17, 2017

The Honorable Doug Smith, Chairman
Martin County Board of County Commissioners 2401 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, FL 34996

Re: Proposed additional one cent sales tax

Dear Chairman Smith:

For over 60 years the Martin County Taxpayer's Association has been the fair, responsible and espected watchdog of government spending and funding in Martin County.  A part of that heritage has been a long-term positive relationship between our organization and the County Commission.  We offer our recommendations and suggestions as to the proposed additional one cent sales tax for Martin County.

Without endorsing or opposing the proposed additional sales tax we are very concerned that the referendum will be presented in an off year, special election. We question the cost of this special election, the date chosen and the chance for success given the short time allowed for public "education" on this issue.

Without careful restrictions placed on the use of the additional tax we cannot determine the need for this additional tax and will have trouble supporting it. We think the use of the money needs to be restricted to only road improvements, traffic signal coordination, bridge repair and replacement, public drainage issues, water quality improvements and septic to sewer conversion. There are many amenities that are nice to have but should not be funded from general sales tax; they should be funded, if at all, by private donation and user fees, not additional sales.

With the FPL surcharge remaining in place for nearly the next thirty years we have to question whether a future Commission will keep your pledge to roll back these charges. We note that Indian River County has imposed additional sales tax while maintaining a 5.9% surcharge. We recommend that the Board delay final decisions on this proposal. Thank you for your consideration. Please know that you are welcome to discuss this with our Board.


Thomas Kenny III

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Martin County Taxpayers Association

2017 Report on the State of the Martin County Taxpayers Association.

First may I say Thank You! For your continued support of the Martin County Taxpayers Association, MCTA.  Without your support  we have no real reason to exist.  We are a totally volunteer organization that relies on its members for research,

participation and direction on positions taken.  We encourage all of our members to let their Board know what is important to them, voice their positions on issues and suggest topics that need investigation. Again, we are volunteers and rely on our members and friends to participate, please help.

MCTA was founded in the early 1950’s, making it the oldest organization of its type in the State, perhaps the entire Country. The primary objectives of the organization are:
  1. To monitor and review all fiscal and tax matters affecting Martin County.
  2. To engage public officials, community leaders and private sector organizations that may influence the economy and efficiency of the County of Martin, the School District, municipalities and other taxing authorities that impact taxes and the financial resources of the County.
  3. To improve, extend and establish a foundation of general tax programs that are effective cost efficient and maximize the  return on investment of taxpayer dollars.   Establish a culture and environment conducive to the preservation of tax dollars and taxpayers interests.
  4. To develop and communicate a public information program on county, state and federal leveltax policies, processes any tax issues using a variety ofmultimedia approaches and public relations strategies.
  5. To invite, or join coalitions of organizations in participating in efforts to inform, educate as well as influence tax and other fiscal policies that impact Martin County taxpayers.
As we move deeper into 2017, our 65th year, we find the organization financially healthy and robust.  Our membership continues to grow and we are looking forward to even stronger membership in our future.  We enjoy a good working relationship with our local governments, Martin County, Martin County School District, the City of Stuart and the Town of Jupiter Island.  We have established a working website, and now feature a Facebook account, like us on  We established an "over-sight" and observation committee that attend County, School District and City meetings; look for their reports in future newsletters.  We have a working communication committee that sends periodic reports to our members, writes op-ed articles for publication, forwards communication from other groups and in general strives to keep our members informed of current events and issues.

We look forward to participating in the formation of local budgets, offering suggestions and ideas for a better Martin County and working with you.  We hope to work toward efficient taxing policies, reduced government spending, a balanced and funded Capital Improvement Plan, fair and open employment contracts with public employees and improved "customer service" for all taxpayers. We support efforts to eliminate impacts of the proposed All aboard Florida train and "negotiate before we litigate" policy.  We want an open and fair working relationship between all local governments.  We want a healthy, vigorous local economy, jobs for our citizens and, we want all of our citizens to be able to live in safe, affordable neighborhoods.  We continue to support financially feasible and science backed solutions to stop the pollution of our rivers and estuaries.

Thank you!

Tom Kenny, President, MCTA